Vission, Mission and Core Values


To support in the development of a sustainable aquaculture initiatives in Zanzibar that will meet demand for aquatic foods and products that are of high quality and are produced in an environmentally friendly way with maximum opportunity for profitability in all sector of the industry.

To create sustainable economic opportunities in aquaculture in environmentally friendly way that is consistent with applicable laws and policy.

In real terms, what do we do?

The Ministry’s mission and objectives will be executed within the framework of the following core values, which will serve as a driving motor towards achieving the Vision:

1. Conduct scientific research and related activities, which are vital to the understanding and sustainable management of aquatic resources.
2. Provide training, extension and advisory services to support fish culture and seaweed farming practice for the benefit of the country.
3. Provide services to exporters of marine resources such as issuing export permit.
4. Accelerate the implementation of new aquaculture production methods by developing both pilot scale and demonstration projects where necessary.
5. Ensure compliance with environmental standards and regulations in support of aquaculture activities.
6. Work in collaboration with other stakeholders to develop aquaculture industry.




Improve quality of fish and other marine resources aiming to improve value of marine products to meet the required standards for internal and external market.


1. To manage and control processing and marketing of marine resources.
2. To develop project proposal and research work to improve value and quality of marine resources.
3. To inspect and supervise marine products before exportation.
4. To provide training and technical advise to marine resources producers in order to improve value and quality of their products.
5. Prepare guidelines (policy and regulations) to control quality of aquatic products in order to ensure domestic and export market.
6. Advice key actors of fishing industry on the importance of using ice during fishing, transporting and marketing of marine products.
7. To support the supply of processing and handling facilities and services to maintain the quality and market of the marine products.
8. Provide monthly, quarterly, semi annually and annual reports.



Development of aquaculture sector to meet the demand of local and external market.


1. To supervise and coordinate all aquaculture related activities.
2. Identification of potential areas (sites) for farming of marine organisms and establishment of pilots farming initiatives.
3. Provide knowledge and technical proficiency to fish farmers.
4. Initiate new projects and conduct researches that will foster and increase aquaculture productions.
5. Prepare guidelines (policy and regulations) governing aquaculture activities.
6. Encourage farmers to establish their own organizations.
7. Provide monthly, quarterly, semi annually and annual reports.



To implement strategic plan in order to sustain seaweed farming industry for the benefit of farmers and other stakeholders.


1. To co-ordinate and supervise all seaweed related activities in Zanzibar.
2. To develop project proposal and research work for the development of sea weed Industry.
3. Create conducive environment to attract seaweed processing investment to improve value and market.
4. To build up good relationship between seaweed farmers, seaweed companies and other stakeholders.
5. To provide training and promote seaweed farmers to form/join saving and credit groups (SACCOS) in order to raise their capital investment.
6. Prepare guidelines (policy and regulations) governing seaweed farming industry in Zanzibar.
7. To facilitate provision of materials and technical assistance to seaweed farmers.
8. Provide monthly, quarterly, semi annually and annual reports.